In addition to cash donations, there are many ways to lend a hand to IMA:  volunteer your time and skill either inside in the office or outside on the property, provide financial support,

join the Harmony 100 and become a monthly donor,  sponsor a girl from your town to the summer programs, help to promote IMA and its programs, donate instruments or other gear (be sure they are in good working order).  IMA has been held, as it has grown, by the energy and resources of countless volunteers.   Every act of support is deeply appreciated and understood to be part of the gentle wind that keeps the dream unfolding.  


donations and volunteer opportunities

the wish list, things:  HVAC for recording studio ($30,000),  old truck for hauling and moving things around the property  sturdy bunk bed(s) with good mattresses

types of work: forestry and landscaping, carpentry, gardening, office--data entry, bookkeeping, grant writing, fundraising, painting, small machine repair (tractors)

volunteer or donate funds to hire folks to: 

clear brush,  prune trees; winterize drafty house;

clean and repair gutters; put up the bat houses;

cut, split, stack wood; paint exteriors of house and barns;  put in and tend garden

promote IMA by purchasing some logo-wear!