The recording studio, which  is used for teaching purposes, is also available for private recording projects during the spring, fall and winter.    All proceeds from the studio go to support IMA’s programs.  The studio is available, with an engineer, for $60 per hour or for a $500 a day lock-out rate.  The lock out rate includes housing and some meal costs.

IMA offers an on-going series of concerts featuring established performers as well as showcasing students and artists who have recorded at the IMA studio

IMA workshops and weekend retreats cover a wide range of aspects within the field of music and music business including: voice and instrumental skills development; songwriting, composing and arranging;  studio recording, engineering and producing; as well as booking, management, marketing, publishing and licensing.  We have also added Rock the Moon, a weekend “coming of age” gathering for girls entering puberty to introduce independent self-care practices using music and herbalism.

In the summer IMA offers residential rock-n-roll programs for girls and young women.  Summer programs begin in the end of June with the five-day Explore Rock ‘n Roll program for 9-12 year olds, then in July two 10-day sessions of the Rock ‘n Roll Performance Program for teen-aged girls and in August the Studio Recording, Engineering and Producing Program for girls and young women ages 16 through 24.summer_sessions_2.htmlsummer_sessions_2.htmlsummer_rock_programs.htmlshapeimage_8_link_0shapeimage_8_link_1
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