Through the ASCAP Foundation’s Irving Caesar Fund, IMA receives a grant which it uses to encourage its summer session students to develop themselves as composers and songwriters.

Scholarships of $75 for the pre-teen program and $150 toward the teen programs are awarded to registrants who submit a recording of an original musical composition. 

We give special thanks Catie Curtis and her Aspire to Inspire Endowment to ASCAP for providing IMA and other music programs for youth with additional grant monies as well.
Mogami Cable offers premiere audio cables for the music recording industry.

Meinl is the exclusive sponsor of our cymbal and percussion gear for the summer programs. Check them out at or

Promark donated drumsticks of different sizes and types to fit the hands of girls and women and have helped to promote the camp in press releases.  Pat Brown and all of Promark have incredibly supportive of our work. Check them out at

Ludwig donated s a beautiful kit. It is used constantly and very appreciated by all of us at IMA. Check out Ludwig at

Drum Workshop gave us a great set of Pacific drums. These are of a sound quality so reminiscent of DW. They have great attack, awesome hardware and very strong sounding toms. Thanks again DW. Check them out at

Mackie has donated a great sound system with a mixing boards and monitors.

Thanks to digidesign for being some of the first folks to support our efforts at IMA.

We have three amazing snare drums from Craviotto. The cut, the tone, the presence of these drums are the best. Thank you to Craviotto for all the support, the shirts and stickers that they have also given us. Check them out at

SWR Sound Corp. makes burning amps that carry and cut through. The bass amp is a monster with monster tones and a monstrous amount of options. We’ve got the redhead and a couple of strawberry blondes and they are in constant use.   Check them out at

A special thanks to Falcetti's Music, an amazing music store that sells instruments, repairs and rents gear as well as holding educational workshops, clinics and lessons. Falcetti's has given us all the drums heads for every set we have. Check out their website at

Taylor donated 5 “baby Taylors” and it is the acoustic they gravitate toward at the camps.  It’s just the right size for a small hand and novice can pick up one of these fine instruments and get a great sound.  Big thanks to Taylor for their support and for making such a fine and affordable instrument.

T.H.E. Microphones:   not only donated microphones but for five years after her death sponsored a full scholarship in memory of employee Elizabeth Papapetro.  This from CEO Taylor Johnson: "We encourage all the girls at the camp to ‘take it to the wall’ and, in their upcoming years of artistic contribution and creativity, remember to give back.  The gift of art is a deep and personal gift of pure creativity - it carries the best and worst of us - both the sunny day and dark night of our souls - and its expression (no matter how coarse or refined) makes a better and more sensitive humanity wherever it is revealed and revered. “

We love Fender soooo much and are so deeply thankful for their early and enduring support for IMA that we’ve given them their own page.

Crane Song
To date the Crane Song family of products has grown to five; *HEDD (Harmonically Enhanced Digital Device), FLAMINGO stereo mic preamp, TRAKKER, single channel compressor, and the new SPIDER 8 channel mic preamp, mixer, A/D convertor which has recently joined the family.

D.W. Fearn manufactures professional vacuum tube audio recording equipment, including microphone preamplifiers, equalizers, compressors, DI interfaces, and accessories. Our products are used around the globe, in personal studios as well as the world’s top recording facilities.

Groove Tube
Manufacturer of amplifiers, cabinets and related equipment. Catalog, dealers and distributors, company profile and contact information

Line Six    Specializing in modeling amplifiers, recording software, and digital modeling guitars.  The company is dedicated to inspiring creativity with its innovations for electric musicians.

Regal Tip - Drum Sicks--woman owned business!


Vic Firth
Descriptions of drumsticks, keyboard and timpani mallets, brushes, sponsored drummers, drumming education and news.

Microphones, headsets, Wireless, Headphones, Audiology, Audio, Conference, aviation, Broadcast, Equipment, Communication Systems.

Auralex Acoustics is the industry leader in acoustical treatment products, including acoustical absorbers, diffusors, sound barriers, construction materials, isolation platforms and complete room treatment systems. Let the experts at Auralex help you achieve world-class acoustics in any room.

Created by Dan Lavry as dB Technologies, Lavry Engineering is the definitive manufacturer of A/D and D/A converter technologies used by most of the top Mastering and Audio pro houses in the world. Lavry's designs are regarded as the final word in conversion.

Great River Electronics offers superior quality professional audio products built to capture sound with accuracy and character.

Signal processors, compressors, limiters, mic preamps, de-esser, equalizers.


Powered loudspeaker systems for studio monitoring and sound reinforcement.

Earphones & Headphones

Millennia Music and Media Systems has been incredibly generous with IMA, donating their : Millenia HV-3R Microphone Preamplifier,  Mellenia STT-1 Recording System (mic and line) "Twin Topology"

This is a company that makes great gear AND gives back to the community in a big way.

The most generous Stanley Ekstrom supported IMA’s summer programs while he was alive and the foundation has continued that support in his memory.

We are honored to part of Stanley’s legacy.