1. Explore Rock 'n Roll     Session I: June 21-June 25    Session II:  June 28-July 2

Designed for pre-teen girls (9-12) who are interested in playing rock 'n roll or other forms of popular music.  The residential program offers opportunities to explore various instruments, to begin writing songs and to participate in a short performance for family and friends. $625 

  1. Rock 'n Roll Performance Session I: July 7- 16     Session II: July 21-July 30

Designed to give teen-aged girls (13-19) an opportunity to express themselves through the medium of rock 'n roll, to gain confidence in performance abilities, to improve musicianship and to develop collaborative leadership skills. Students select original or cover tunes to arrange, chart, rehearse and perform at the end of the session.  All girls will participate in writing, vocal, drum & percussion, chart writing & arranging classes and have access to a wide array of instruments.  $1,250

Studio Recording, Engineering & Production Program      August 4-13      

“Hands-on” studio recording seminar for girls and young women 16-24 who are ready to record their own music or interested in exploring studio engineering as a career.  Students will learn recording basics, will have the opportunity to record their own work as well as to engineer and produce the work of the other participants.  Demonstration of prerequisite skills required.   $1,250       

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rockin’ the summer 

the sessions • 2017 • registration opens january 15th

Sponsor a full or half scholarship through the “In the Name of our Mothers” Fund and pay it forward. 

Donate in the name of a woman who nurtured your dream either directly or through her example.

Or donate a lesser amount to the financial aid fund.

Rock 'n Roll Programs For Girls And Young Women:  all musical styles welcome.

IMA's residential summer music programs give participants access to top notch musical facilities and instruments, veteran professional musicians and time with visiting artists.  Most importantly they have plenty of time for musical exploration and collaboration with other musicians.  Students have the choice of sleeping inside the barn in the bunkhouse or outside in yurts  (large round Mongolian-styled tents on a wooden platform), have access to private bathrooms and showers, delicious (and nutritious) meals, an array of electric and acoustic instruments and practice space.

You can also check out video from various camps on IMAinthehouse.

enrollment/registration forms
Submit your enrollment form and non-refundable processing fee of $100.
We can email you the packet of forms once you have enrolled if you cannot download them,
just let us know.